One Country, One Law, One Nation | එක රටක්, එක නීතියක්, එකම ජාතියක් | ஒரே நாடு, ஒரே சட்டம், ஒரே நாடு
constitutional revolution

to protect our sovereignty

A visionary group of people who voluntarily support “The Proposed Constitution” under the guidance of Nagananda Kodituwakku who has a revolutionary vision to protect our sovereignty. We welcome you to be a part of the revolution.

Nagananda kodituwakku

Leader – Vinivida Foundation

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We seek to empower our people. Together we will find solutions to the crisis we face today. Through consultation, determination, and above all humility, we believe that governments are not institutions of privilege but require to be embodiments of uncompromising integrity

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