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About Us

We seek to empower our people. Together we will find solutions to the crisis we face today.

Empower our people

Towards a Political Revolution

At a time of social, political, and economic turmoil, we the Vinivida Foundation stand as a single force. We are the voice of our nation determined to create impactful change. Our political ethos is to pioneer this change with integrity and determination. We dream of a nation that is both strong and proud, walking together in unity, rejecting corruption and abuse of power. We believe in a leadership that recognizes the sovereignty of the people, the rule of law, and the separation of powers as the cornerstone of democracy. 

We seek to empower our people. Together we will find solutions to the economic crisis we face today. Through consultation, determination and above all humility, we believe that governments are not institutions of privilege but require to be embodiments of uncompromising integrity. We believe in creating a government that accepts the mantle of responsibility for exercising power for the public good.  We will revolutionize every arm of a public office setting new standards of accountability. 

Our environmental policy recognizes the silent outcry of our land.  We will renew the commitment we once had as custodians of our land and ensure that this beautiful and resourceful paradise Isle remains a legacy for all future generations. 

The past years have seen our determination to challenge the legal system which has fallen into a deep slumber. Over and over again, we have challenged the status quo and sought justice for the common man and the common good.  We have challenged institutionalized power in order to seek justice and equality for all. We have challenged constitutional changes that have sought to rob the sovereignty of the people and create an executive that is above the law.

we are committed to a political and social revolution that will end this era of inept and corrupt governments.

Let us rally together as one!

Our Vision

Our vision is the realization of a truly meaningful representative democracy, based on our ideology of “One country – One law – One nation”, seeking to promote social, economic, and environmental advancement for the welfare of all citizens”

Our Mission

We the people

Meet The Committee


Rhuani Rambukwelle

An artist, who has an indelible vision of seeing her nation uplifted and transformed. She has been leading a few organizations, while also being actively involved in the empowerment of children, youth, and women.


Sunil Jayasundera

Sunil Jayasundera (AACE, AAIQS) was a construction Cost Engineer at Petroleum Development Oman /Royal Dutch Shell conglomerate for 35years. Father of 4 children, Mr. Jayasundera studied Civil Engineering at the University of Sri Lanka, Katubedde Campus) in 1968, Sponsored by the State Engineering Corporation (SEC) of Sri Lanka. Mr. Jayasundera Joined Vinivida Foundation, as a concerned citizen, having witnessed the political carnage over 5 decades.

Public relation

Chula Samarawickrama

Ms.Chula Samarawickrama is an award-winning social activist and entrepreneur, She has been the chairperson of the penalty committee in the Sri Lanka prison welfare association since 2014. Ms.Chula has been a member of the first ladies lions club Colombo Torrington in Sri Lanka since 1991. As a social activist, She rendered invaluable services to the society by leading Many social impact projects for the disabled war heroes. Ms.Chula is a business owner in the international arena. She is a life member of Women’s CHAMBER OF Industry and commerce [WCIC]. She won international scholarships for her studies in leadership, international relations, in Sweden, fashion designing and German language in Switzerland.​

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