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Without your support, Vinivida can’t survive.

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Believe in Us?

Do you believe in our vision? do you wish to support our organization’s programs?

Financial donations, made to Vinivida Foundation are applied towards the numerous impactful initiatives that we promote and organize. We welcome your support and indeed thank you for your support, generosity, and well wishes. 

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Bank Details

Sampath Bank
Bank Ac Name - Vinivida Foundation
Bank Ac No - 014260000021

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You can make generous donations via a bank transfer. Please make sure to mention your NIC in the remark.

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Please submit a copy of your receipt to and we shall get back to you promptly.

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Financial contributions of all amounts made to the Vinivida Foundation are formally acknowledged. You will receive a receipt for your donation within 30 days of payment.

Together we can

Your Donations
Help Us

Most of our work is done by volunteers. There are however general administrative costs which can be supported through your generous contributions.

As part of our vision, we continuously organise various social, environmental and political programmes. Upcoming events include a nationwide national reawakening programme.

Over the past years we have effectively engaged in numerous public litigation initiatives. Today, Vinivida Foundation is synonymous with being the “people’s rights defender”. While our team works on these matters on a pro bono basis there are unavoidable litigation related costs.

Getting our message to the community is an important part of the political and social revolution which we are trying to create. 

Political campaigns are costly and requires massive amounts of resources. These campaigns only become possible through public support and donations from our well wishes. When you make a financial donation towards our campaigns, we are honoured as it is a sure sign of the faith and trust you have in us to do the right thing by the community.

We are committed to being 100% transparent in all our financial dealings. Every year we produce an audited annual report which is published and available to be viewed by the public. The annual report gives you a complete breakdown of how your money was spent.  By becoming a member of the Vinivida Foundation you also get to attend our annual general meetings where you can table your questions about any financial matter you deem necessary.

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