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The Proposed Autochthonous Constitution

Download the 9th edition of “The Proposed Constitution” via the below link.

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The political revolution we seek is in reply to the anguished cry of our nation today. Sri Lanka is wreaking in corruption and political extortion. 72 years of post-independent autonomy has only been successful in completely breaking our nation’s spirit. What happened to a nation that stood proud on the world stage, able to manage its own affairs and set an example of proper governance to the entire South and Southeast Asian regions?

A public welfare system that supported the equitable distribution of public resources and sustainable economic growth are now matters of history and distant memories. Our vision is to correct these anomalies by going back to the basics of good governance such as eliminating corruption, and a sound equitable economic policy.

Over the past years, Vinivida Foundation has steadily grown in its momentum. It is receiving increasing support as an endorsement from all parts of the community. Becoming a registered political party is only a small step in this process. Our hard work remains ahead of us

We will march together as a single force.  Our determination will not be questioned. Our integrity is our strength and our word is our honor.

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